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The question probably seems too simplistic, but the answer to this question is crucial if you are hoping for a positive outcome. If your goal is to grow your portfolio by a certain amount each year, recent market events could have you scrambling. If your current portfolio is built around achieving a certain return or outperforming a benchmark (the S&P 500 for example), market volatility can create anxiety. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

A prudent approach is not centered around outperforming the markets (it takes a lot of risk to attempt this). It also doesn’t make sense to try to only “pick winners” (give me a second while I peer into my crystal ball).

Having a custom portfolio that is specifically tailored to your goals, your timeline, your needs, and wants is crucial. Rebalancing that portfolio regularly prevents it from drifting out of your tailored design. If you can design an investment plan that provides for your needs, wants and wishes, why would you try to outperform the S&P if you don’t have to?

Our aim is to help you meet specific financial goals, so we adopt and encourage all of our clients to have a long-term outlook. We specifically build in market setbacks into your plan.

Yes, you heard that right!

We build-in market volatility. Why? Because the stock market doesn’t care about your plans!

Peace of mind is almost impossible if your plan is based on outperforming the market, or getting a specific rate of return each year…or picking individual stocks/funds and hoping they are all winners. 

It is so easy to sleep well at night and live with confidence when your financial plan and portfolio are aligned to your specific goals AND you know that losses are already built into the plan.

Maybe you don’t have a plan, or maybe you have a sinking suspicion that your current plan is not specifically tailored to you and your goals. If that’s you, we would love to help bring peace of mind.